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EBC Wine Depot is Singapore’s best value-for-money storage solution for wine collections of any size.

As the owner of the entire building with full control over the property and rental charged, we offer wine lovers and merchants 24/7 access and the assurance their wines are stored in premium conditions all year-round.

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Wine Storage Units in Singapore

Need a place to store your growing collection of premium wines? Or perhaps you're a wine merchant looking for a climate-controlled facility to bring in new shipments or to store excess stock?

At EBC, we provide temperature-controlled, professional wine storage facilities that ensure the right temperature and humidity are maintained all-year-round.

Whether you're looking for a locker or a walk-in cellar, we offer flexible, yet economical options, so you can upgrade or downsize your storage requirements whenever you wish.

In addition to that, we have a roof garden for wine events and a cosy clubhouse in the pipeline for EBC self-storage members, so you can invite loved ones, dearest friends and closest business associates to sample your prized collection.

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What is Wine Storage?


At EBC, we believe your wines are liquid assets and they deserve the best evironment to maintain their characteristics and mature their personality.

Collector Storage Merchant Storage Event Stockpiling
As a wine collector, you probably have wines you are planning to enjoy soon and wines you wish to age. At EBC, our climate-controlled lockers and walk-in-cellars come with shelving for easy storage and quick access.

On top of that, we offer flexible storage options so you have a longer time frame to savour your wines, enjoy higher returns for the wines you’re aging and even expand your collection.
As a Wine Merchant, reliable environmental controls and security are probably uppermost in your considerations.

Our Cellar units are encased in top grade insulation, where temperature and humidity are stringently controlled. Every unit is also monitored round-the-clock, and provided with convenient access to cargo lifts.
Planning a major function that requires a large stock of wines? EBC is the ideal place to hold them till you need them.

With our flexible storage durations and 24/7 access, you can save $$$ by taking advantage of sales any time. On your event day, you can grab the wines you need and keep excess bottles for the next function.

Features of EBC Wine Vault

11-13 degree Celsius
70% (+/- 5%)
Round-the-clock Security:
CCTV monitoring & Full Alarm System
Up to S$10,000 per storage unit

Why Use Us?


Because we’re accessible, secure, clean storage experts.

Right Infrastructure Top-notch Security Personalised Security Clean, Spacious & Well-lit!
We are fitted with a covered carpark, ramps, easy access points, spacious cargo lifts, wide walkways so any loading and unloading is a breeze. Our storage facility is monitored round-the-clock by closed-circuit television and all events are digitally recorded. Your self-storage unit comes with a personal access code or access card. The date and timing of every access is recorded by our security system. Our facility is well lit at all times and is maintained at the highest level of hygiene to ensure your belongings are kept well.
Accessible 24/7! Free Use Of Trolleys We're a LifeStyle Hub We're Here To Help!
There are no 'Closed' days at EBC, so you have full access to your self-storage unit anytime. You are always welcome to make use of our Trolleys – available free-of-charge - to help you cart your belongings with ease. We have a sky garden, a clubhouse, a childcare centre, and a delicatessen – all under one roof! Come, relax and chill at EBC. At EBC, we offer valuable packing tips, consultation and other fulfilment services to ensure you get what you need at the best possible rate.

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We've got a large range of highly affordable storage units - in various sizes and storage duration - for your dearly loved treasures and possessions.

Whether you are storing with us for less than a month or more than a year, you can be sure of our top-notch personalised security, clean, well-lit facilities, and 24/7 access to your storage units!

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